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Repair Clinic

Repair Clinic

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We can help you rehab your own jewelry, whether it's a simple repair or a reimagining of your piece. At our repair clinic, we'll check out your jewelry and collaborate with you to figure out what to do you'll be able to wear it again!


Repair: Whether it's fixing a broken chain, adding a jump ring, replacing an earring wire, or increasing the size of a ring, we have the tools, the expertise, and the bits and bobs to fix most broken things. Please note that we may not be able to fix every piece depending on the damage. We also do not recommend soldering pieces with a stone already set.


Reimagine: Sometimes jewelry we've worn in the past just doesn't suit us anymore, but we still love the piece and have held onto it. Or maybe you inherited a piece of jewelry that's sentimental, but you'd never wear it in its current form. Sound familiar? Well there might be a way to create a piece using your existing jewelry in a new way that works for you again. We'll brainstorm some ideas to reimagine what's possible and help you recreate a piece you'll love.

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