How It Works

Visit our jewelry studio in San Rafael to create a beautiful pendant, ring or bracelet.
Prices start at $95, choose from over 30 types of beautiful gemstones, beginners welcome!

  • Book your session

    Book a guided jewelry making session at our studio in San Rafael. Prices start at $95, learn light soldering

    Session times are:

    Wed, Thurs, Fri: 3pm and 6pm

    Saturdays: 11am, 2pm, 5pm

    Sundays: 11am, 2pm

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  • Get inspired

    Check out the inspiration pieces on our website to get inspired!

    Choose if you are making a necklace, bracelet or ring, and think about the type of stone you will chose for your beautifully unique piece of jewelry

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  • Come to the studio

    Select a stone that speaks to you and finalize your design with the help of your silversmith. They will also guide you as you make your piece into something uniquely yours.

    Learn about our gemstones 

Studio Sessions

Choose from our studio session options:

  • Most popular: Jewelry Making Session: Create a ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet using sterling silver bezel and one of our beautiful semi precious gemstones. Choose from many designs to create your unique piece. Small stone pieces start at $95, larger stone pieces are $130+.
  • Bezel Making Session: A more involved process with multiple soldering steps (you can bring your own stone as long as it has a flat back). Plan on a 2.5-3 hour session. $150 and cost of stone if you use one of ours
  • Permanent Jewelry Session: we affix sterling silver or gold filled chain using a micro welder in about 30 minutes. Price starts at $65 for .925 sterling silver bracelet, $90 for gold-filled bracelet. Now also offering permanent bangles!
  • Artisan Studio Sessions: Once you have joined us for a session at the studio, you can opt to buy 5 additional sessions for $200. You will mostly be on your own with some guidance for this studio time. We also have Artisan only events at the studio to build this community.
  • Repair Clinic: We can help you rehab your own jewelry, whether it's a simple repair or a reimagining of your piece. At our repair clinic, we'll check out your jewelry and collaborate with you to figure out what to do you'll be able to wear it again!

Permanent Jewelry Now Available

Permanent jewelry is a custom fit chain bracelet or anklet designed to be worn all the time.

We join the piece by “sparking” it together around your wrist or ankle with a special welding instrument at our studio. It’s quick (book a 30 minute appointment) and completely painless.

Available in sterling silver and gold fill (a thick layer of 14K gold over sterling silver), be sure to customize with our vast selection of gemstones and stamps. Permanent bangles now also available.

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