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Silverwork Studios

Deposit for 3 Hour Bezel Making Session (total session is $150)

Deposit for 3 Hour Bezel Making Session (total session is $150)

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For those who want to learn more in depth silversmithing skills, join us on Wednesdays at 5pm or Saturdays at noon for a 3-hour workshop learning to create and solder a silver bezel.

This deposit will be applied to your $150 bezel making studio session price. 

This is a multi-step process, and includes creating the bezel band, soldering to a custom silver backing, setting the stone, attaching a band or jump ring, and polishing the finished piece.

You can bring your own stone (make sure it has a flat back) or you can buy one of ours. The price includes all the silver and equipment needed to make the bezel, as well as instruction from our silversmith.

You can also use this time to bring in some of your jewelry for a re-imagining session. Use the 3 hours with our silversmith as a repair and ideation session. 

Limit of 5 makers per session.

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