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Deposit for 30 Minute Jewelry Appraisal Session

Deposit for 30 Minute Jewelry Appraisal Session

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Silverwork Studios has teamed up with fine jeweler and gemologist, Jennifer Hancox, of The Edna Collective to offer appraisals on site at Silverwork Studios. This is an easy way to get your jewelry appraised while you make jewelry at our studio.
Jennifer Hancox is a jewelry designer and founder of The Edna Collective, “All Things Jewelry”. She is GIA Certified (from the Gemological Institute of America) and will perform the appraisals on site. 

You may have collected or inherited many pieces of jewelry and don't know what you actually have. Jennifer can determine which of those items are real or costume and their approximate present day value. She can inventory the pieces for your reference.
Evaluation or Inventory: $90/30 minutes

Documenting the true value of your diamond engagement ring or other piece of fine jewelry can help you validate ownership and avoid disputes about the jewelry’s value down the road, should you ever need to make an insurance claim. Jennifer will weigh, measure, photograph and inspect your piece of jewelry. When the appraisal is complete, you will be presented with a certificate that is a legal document including all this information about your jewelry, as well as the current market value the piece. Printed and emailed copies will be sent to you for your records.
New Appraisal: $180/item

Sometimes jewelry that has been recently appraised requires a re-appraisal. Insurance companies often require a new appraisal with the current address if you've moved. You may want to re-appraise a piece of jewelry that you inherited recently. Jennifer can update the appraisal with your name, current address and present day value. Re-appraisals require an appraisal document that’s been done within the past 5 years.
Re-Appraisal: $75/item

Appraisal appointments are available at Silverwork Studios between 3pm – 8pm:
 - Thursday, May 25
 - Thursday, June 22
 - Thursday, July 27

Appraisal fees are in addition to jewelry making fees at the studio. Please book your appraisal session in addition to your jewelry making session.

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